Touring the ancient Silk Road, 2011


     From 2001 to 2004, Amy Loewan performed as the Promotions Co-ordinator between Canada and China for the Canadian Contemporary Installation human/nature. This exhibit resulted in bringing 4 established Alberta Artists to showcase their works in Shanghai and in Hong Kong.

      As a cultural ambassador, Amy was invited in 2003 as an artist delegate to South Korea Gangwon Province, the Sister Province of Alberta; and in 2012 she was invited by Edmonton to represent Canada in a Painters Exchange Program to Chengdu, China, the Sister City of Edmonton.

     Amy Loewan has conducted several international tours taking artists, students and art lovers to experience some of the great art treasures of the world such as: Sistine Chapel in Vatican, Michelangelo’s David in Florence, St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Temple of Zeus in Olympia, Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Terra Cotta Museum in Xian, Temple of Haven in Beijing and more.....

Painters Exchange Program, Chengdu, China, 2012

Amy's hotel room in Chengdu was transformed into a painting studio

Art students sketching in Rome, 2004

Judith sketching in Kashgar, 2011

Amy sketching in Urumqui, 2011

spontaneous painting session with children of Bhutan during my visit in 2010
                Children of Bhutan enjoying the painting session