O'Canada Project      rice paper, ink and charcoal
8 ft x 16 ft
    O'Canada Project is a sequel to my previous installation A Peace Project (2001) which was created for the celebration of the millennium. This work celebrates our nation's culture and diversity. Its' message remains the same. The following eight words: compassion, kindness, respect, understanding, patience, tolerance, gentleness and forgiveness are reverberated in over 35 world languages such as: Arabic, Chinese, Cree, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Inuit, Japanese, Latin, Sanskrit and more.

"O'Canada Project" dressed the stage for A Poetry Map of Canada where Poets Laureate across Canada performed at the 2013 Edmonton Poetry festival.


Fringe Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, 2005




Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, Saskatchewan 2008


Art Gallery of St Albert, Alberta 2009